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 Since 1999, our staff has worked with more than 5,000 companies worldwide. Ranging from one person start ups to multinational corporations, there is not an aspect of business development that we have not been involved with, including valuations. Call us and we’ll help you figure out what you need.

Fastest Turnaround Time’s delivers high quality results, with one – if not the – most fastest turnaround times for document delivery. Our typical turnaround time on document preparation is one business week or less or when agreed. When we quote you, we’ll agree to a schedule and deliver on time.

Affordable & Flat Fee has some of the most competitive rates. We also charge a flat fee with NO hidden costs or hourly billing. The fee is agreed upon before work starts. You will never pay more than what you are quoted for a project or we will cover the cost of any additional work.

Valuations conducts valuations for many companies worldwide. We often are contracted to evaluate a company’s books and determine the selling or offering price. Our firm can recommend what you should offer investors in terms of equity ownership.

In determining the valuation of a company – that is, the ‘market value’ of an asset or liability – can sometimes consist of a simplistic equation, while at other times a complex mathematical formula. However, savvy investors will most likely poke holes in the valuation of your company no matter what you offer. The best way to determine a pre-market valuation or even for a company that is seeking to sell their business, numerous factors, often times in and out of the control of the company, should be taken into consideration.

This includes:

  • The product/service
  • The market conditions
  • Past performance
  • Future performance (pro-forma)
  • Management team experience
  • Intellectual property, and much more

Our team at can help value your company and determine the best share price to offer. We ensure that our clients are protected from investors seeking to take advantage of those relatively new at raising capital, while simultaneously ensuring that your company offers something reasonable to investors without getting balked at.

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